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Q: Does the brush need water to work?

A: No. The brush works well dry, however, water increases the efficiency of the product.


Q: How do I hold the club without it bouncing off the brush?

A: Hold the grip of your club high against your forearm to increase the pressure of the club against the brush.


Q: Do I need to clean the brush?

A: No. The brush has been designed to remove debris when in motion.


Q: Does the brush need to be removed after every round?

A: No. If stored correctly the brush remains on your buggy wheel, the UV rated zip ties and solid construction of the brush enable the brush to stay intact for years.


Q: How do I transport my Wheely Clean in the car?

A: Make sure that you place your golf buggy into the car with the Wheely Clean Club Cleaner face up – see picture.


Q: How many zip ties should I use to mount the brush?

A: We suggest a minimum of 3.


Q: Does the Wheely Clean Brush come in different sizes and colours?

A: No, the brush has been designed to fit and blend in with the majority of buggy wheels (universal fit)


Q: Can the Wheely Clean be used on all club types?

A: Yes, even though woods and putters don’t have deep grooves, the Wheely Clean can be used to clean off grass and debris especially on wet days.