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How to fit the club cleaner to your buggy

The Wheely Clean Golf Club Cleaner is designed to be robust and hassle free. It is easy to install, sturdy and durable. Follow these three steps to and you will be ready go. Please note to install on a solid wheel buggy see the details at the bottom of the page​


Step 1.

Lay your buggy on it’s side with the wheel facing up and centre the brush on the wheel.

(Right back wheel for right handed golfers and left back wheel for left handed golfers)


Step 2.

Insert and tighten 3-5 zip ties (spaced evenly around the wheel) through the holes provided on the base of the cleaner and around the wheel spokes. Cut off any excess length from the zip ties.


Step 3.

Simply walk and push your buggy with one hand while the other hand holds the golf club against the club cleaner.

Solid Wheel Buggy Installation

To install on to a solid wheel buggy, use a 6mm drill bit to create holes on the wheel to fit the Wheely Clean Golf Club Cleaner to the buggy with cable ties provided.

Fixed Wheel Step 1.

Line up the wheely clean golf club cleaner with the solid wheel on the buggy

Fixed Wheel Step 2.

Mark the holes on the solid wheel with a pencil in the pattern shown to the right

Fixed Wheel Step 3.

Drill the holes into the solid wheel using a 6mm drill bit – then follow the instructions above