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Will it fit your buggy

The Wheely Clean brush diameter is 210mm, it best fits when it sits inside the edge of the wheel rim.
If your buggy wheel diameter measures 215mm or more across the inside edges of the rim, the Wheely Clean Golf brush should fit your buggy perfectly.
If it is a solid wheel (no spokes to loop the zip ties around) refer to our instructions on fitting to a solid wheel.

This is a list of buggies the Wheely Clean Golf brush has been fitted to

Smoothy – Rovic
Smoothy – Classic + Classic mk II
Big Max – Blade
Big Max – Ti 2000
Big Max – IQ
Big Max – Wheeler
Big Max – Ti 1000
Big Max – Smart
Clicgear – 3.5+
Clicgear – Modle 8
Clicgear – Rovic
Triumph – Voyager S3
Triumph – Endeavour
Triumph – Push Button 3
Triumph – Voyager Discovery
MGI – Navigator G800
MGI – Ryder R 75
MGI – Venturer G400
MGI – Hunter R200
Trident – Threesome
Prosimmon – Quad Cart 2
Prosimmon – One Fold
Prosimmon – Magician
Prosimmon – Pathfinder
Prosimmon – 3D Intel
Brosnan – Riviera
Brosnan – Wallabuggy
Brosnan – Omega Tri Wheel
Brosnan – Zodiac 3
Brosnan – Wallaroo
Brosnan – X Type
CaddyTek – CaddyCruiser One
CaddyTek – CaddyLite 11.5
AxGlo – Flip N’ Go
Motocaddy – M1 Pro
Motocaddy – S1
Motocaddy – S3

If your buggy is not on this list just measure between the wheel rim, if it is 215mm or more it should fit perfectly.
There are hundreds of buggies the Wheely Clean Golf brush will fit that are not on this list.